Classic Gin Collection


750ml | 42% ABV


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Relax, unwind and celebrate. The Classic Gin Collection is perfect for those who enjoy classic gin cocktails, like the gin and tonic, negroni, martini and more.

Includes one of each. The famous Latin Spice Premium Gin and Latin Secco a classic luxury dry gin.

Passion Inspires Latin Spice Gin

Intrigue, intensity, and desire give flavor to life. A fearless symphony of notes tells the story of a passionate connection between two souls. Embracing fearless exploration that creates lasting moments and memories.

Distilled in Italy with Latin Botanicals sourced from around the world. A well-balanced gin with warm Calabrian chili pepper notes that linger on the palate. Latin Spice Premium Gin is sophisticated and seductive.

Tradition Inspires Latin Secco

Authentic and timeless, belonging to a way of life. Latin Secco celebrates heritage, moments of discovery, progress and accomplishment. Honoring of family, friends and generations past by embracing a legacy of a life well lived.

Distilled in Italy with Latin Botanicals sourced from around the world. Latin Secco Premium Gin is a classic dry gin with a unique Latin touch. Infused with authentic Italian juniper and blended with water of Mont Blanc.

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The Bottle

"Latin Gin is only made with the highest quality ingredients so we need a bottle that is just as amazing as what's inside."

Weighted Gold Crown sits on top of the bottle.

Sculpted by French craftsmen. Design pays homage to the Latin Art Deco architenture.

Luxury branded logo embossed proudly on the bottle.

Gradient reveals the curves of the bottle and pure flint glass.

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Yes, Latin Gin is gluten-free as the distillation process removes harmful gluten peptides, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Latin Gin, crafted in Italy, utilizes a meticulous process involving vacuum (cold) distillation, layering various botanicals and tropical fruits, ensuring superior flavor retention and quality in each bottle.

Yes, Latin Gin prioritizes sustainability, employing practices that minimize environmental impact and adhering to ethical standards throughout its distillery, bottle manufacturing, and closure production processes.

Latin Gin is distilled in Italy due to the country's historical ties to gin's invention by twelfth-century monks and its rich Latin cultural roots which bridge Latin European and Latin American traditions.

Latin Lover and Latin Beach are ideal for those new to gin, offering delightful fruity and floral flavors, while Latin Spice and Latin Secco tend to be favorites among classic gin enthusiasts and bartenders.

What People Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lorena Santos
A Classic Experience

An experience of pure classicism for gin connoisseurs.

Gustav Schmidt
Gin Mastery

Masterful gin selection. Latin Secco is classic gin mastery!

Isabella Bianchi
Gin Classicism

This collection embodies the classicism of gin. A true delight!

Marta Kovač
Gin of Timeless Class

Classic Gin Collection - a true embodiment of timeless class!

Matteo Rossi
Elegance in a Bottle

A bottle of pure elegance for gin enthusiasts. Loved every sip!

Lorena Santos
Classic Gin Euphoria

Euphoric experience of classic gin for connoisseurs.

Olivia Fischer
Classics Reimagined

Discovering reimagined classics in this collection. Gin perfection!

Gustav Schmidt
Mastering Classic Gin

Masterful selection of classic gin. Latin Secco is gin mastery!

Isabella Bianchi
Classic Gin Charm

This collection exudes the charm of classic gin. A true delight!

Andreas Weber
Gin Elegance

Latin Spice and Latin Secco - pure gin elegance!